"Direct Line to the Best of Buenos Aires' Tango!"

Christine Lawson speaks on Prince of Tango

To experience Prince of Tangofs class is like having a direct line to the best of Buenos Airesf tango. Elegangt and free flowing sequences are presented and built upon in such a clear and easy manner.

In no time students are able to dance some of the most beautiful and fullfilling combinations which feel and appear effortless, no matter how complex.

In addition, Hiro expertly compliments all his classes with some of the most beautiful and appropriate tango music, which everyone seems to enjoy.

Therefs even a young and extremely talanted violinist who appears on occasion who Prince of Tango just happened to find!

I have more than enjoyed the high quality and warm atmosphere of Hirofs classes. I highly recommend them for anyone who wishes to feel tango at its best!

-- Christine Lawson

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