"Hiro's Passion for Tango is infectious!"

Luba Poliak speaks on Prince of Tango

I would highly recommend Hirofs gPrince of Tango Schoolh to anyone who appreciates elegance and style of this dance.

In Hirofs classes, you can always expect a new graceful combination of steps to be learned. Many of his classes were exciting, and challenging to me.

Nonetheless, by the end of each lesson Hiro makes them accessible to us all. I find Hiro to be a very attentive and caring teacher. I feel free to ask questions or request another demonstration as often as I need.

Hiro doesn't just show a new step, but he always makes sure to teach it in a greater context, integrated with the music. I am a professional pianist and I really enjoy his interpretation of music. Hiro is very imaginative and expressive; he is always attuned to the mood of each tango. He brings some of the best tango selections to complement our lessons.

Another rewarding aspect of his class is its intimate setting: small and very friendly group of people, with whom I enjoy practicing together and try out new ideas.

Hiro's passion for tango is infectious in the class as well as on the dance floor. It always encourages us to get better. As soon as you learn new ideas from his classes, you can try them in a milonga with confidence and rewarding sense of accomplishment.

I hope you will join us in our next class!

-- Luba Poliak

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